Thursday, July 16th from 5:00PM – 6:00PM, we are celebrating Leader Emilia Strong Sykes on being the recipient of the EMILY’s List 2020 Gabrielle Giffords Rising Star Award, and we want you to be there!

This is going to be an exciting event with featured guests from across Ohio joining us to celebrate this accomplishment.

See the full list of featured guests at the bottom of this page.

The virtual party will be hosted on Zoom and open to all who would like to join! To register to be a part of this celebration click the button below. After you register, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the link you will need to join.

This will be a powerful, uplifting celebration to recognize Leader Sykes and her dedication to Ohioans. We can’t wait to have you join us next week to honor Leader Sykes for winning this year’s Rising Star Award.

If you would like to make a contribution, click the button below.

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Full List of Featured Guests

Senator Nickie Antonio
Congresswoman Joyce Beatty
Representative Kristin Boggs
Representative Janine Boyd
Representative Juanita Brent
Columbus City Councilwoman Elizabeth Brown
Franklin County Commissioner Marilyn Brown
Cuyahoga County Councilwoman Shontel Brown
Shaker Heights Democratic Club
President Jane Buder Shapiro
Ohio Federation of Teachers
President Melissa Cropper
Representative Randi Clites
Representative Erica Crawley
Cuyahoga Democratic Women’s Caucus
Chairwoman Cindy Dempsey
Ohio Democratic Women’s Caucus
Chairwoman Kathy DiCristofaro
Columbus City Councilmember Shayla Favor
Senator Teresa Fedor
Congresswoman Marcia Fudge
Representative Tavia Galonski
Representative Paula Hicks-Hudson
Communication Workers of America District 4
Vice President Linda Hinton
Former Ohio Education Association
President Becky Higgins
Representative Stephanie Howse
Representative Catherine Ingram
Representative Brigid Kelly
Columbus City Auditor Megan Kilgore
AFSCME Ohio Council 8
First Vice President Marcia Knox
Summit County Clerk of Courts Sandra Kurt
Representative Michele Lepore-Hagan
Representative Mary Lightbody
Representative Beth Liston
Senator Tina Maharath
Representative Jessica Miranda
Cleveland Teachers Union
President Shari Obrenski
Ohio Women Lead
Akron City Councilwoman Linda Omobien
Clerk of Courts Maryellen O’Shaughnessy
EMILY’s List State & Local Campaigns Vice President
Geri Prado
Ohio Coalition of Labor Union Women
President Davida Russell
Representative Allison Russo
Akron City Councilwoman Tara Samples
County Fiscal Officer Kristen M. Scalise
Congressional Candidate Kate Shroeder
Cincinnati Federation of Teachers President Julie Sellers
Summit County Executive Ilene Shapiro
Summit County Councilwoman Veronica Sims
Representative Lisa Sobecki
Akron City Council President Margo Sommerville
Franklin County Treasurer Cheryl Brooks Sullivan
Representative Bride Rose-Sweeney
Richmond Heights Councilwoman Kim Thomas
Summit County Prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh
Dayton Miami Valley Central Labor Council
Executive Secretary Diane Walsh
Summit County Councilwoman Elizabeth Walters
We Belong Here PAC
Lucas County Treasurer Lindsey Webb
Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley
Senator Sandra Williams