Protecting Women’s Health

Politicians in the General Assembly continue to play doctor, passing legislation that is dangerous for women while placing medically unnecessary restrictions on basic health services. These attacks are a serious threat to some of the most essential rights protected by the Constitution.

She will continue to support Planned Parenthood and other organizations that support women and families and work for policies that respect women’s autonomy and rights to comprehensive healthcare.

She supported the decision to declare Ohio’s infant mortality epidemic a public health crisis.

Reinforcing Our Safety Net

Our state must continue to provide a robust safety net through healthcare, economic assistance, and social programs. We are continuing to strengthen our community if we invest in our most treasured asset, our people.

She introduced a resolution urging Congress to protect Ohio’s children and families by reauthorizing the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), which Congress recently extended through 2017.

Wellness and Access

Currently, Ohio ranks 39th in overall health and in the last five years drug deaths increased 75 percent.

Minority Leader Sykes knows that in order to promote wellness and healthcare access, Ohio must properly invest in public health.

Just last year, America’s Health Rankings report found that Ohio “falls far short in preventable hospitalizations and public-health funding."

In pursuance of early interventions, wellness, and healthcare access, we must expand Medicaid and reassess how to properly invest in public health.

Medicaid Expansion

Minority Leader Sykes is aware that for far too long legislators have played political games and increased barriers to quality and affordable healthcare. This fact has put many Ohioans at risk.

Leader Sykes advocates for Medicaid expansion and providing the right to quality, affordable healthcare to every Ohioan.