Economic Opportunity 

Minority Leader Sykes believes that education is the foundation of job creation.

The state must encourage educational and job-training programs that meet the changing demands of today’s economy. This includes keeping college affordable and making trade and vocational programs available and accessible because an educated, well-trained workforce attracts businesses that keep good jobs here in Ohio and the 34th District.


Ohio’s economic future is contingent on our infrastructure. Currently, our state is riddled with potholes and roads in need of repair, which creates a liability for our local government and a hazard for drivers.

Our infrastructure is how we get to and from work and how we transport our goods to market. It is time that we put proper investments into roads, bridges, public transit, water systems and rural access to broadband internet services. These improvements help us compete for talent and new businesses.

Minority Leader Sykes has worked with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) to bring funding to Akron/Summit Community Action (ASCA) to support a CDL training program. This program has not only helped many people find employment, but it has also promoted better infrastructure in our communities.